Is Tesla’s Gigatexas Austin The Most Closely Watched Development of All Time?

I dont think there’s ever been so much fanfare for a new construction development in the US as there is for Tesla’s new Gigafactory in Austin, TX. There’s plenty of online resources, articles, daily Youtube videos, Youtube channels dedicated just to the development, along with Patreon pages offering more detailed content, social media accounts and overall good coverage from development-focused, tech-focused and auto-focused news/media outlets.

One of the primary things we’re most interested here at HotBlocks is the status on the project. Luckily with all the fanfare surrounding the development, its pretty easy to determine the status. Quick answer: it is about 57% complete. Below are some resources we found when learning more about the project:

My Tesla Weekend

This is a Youtube channel by a guy named Brian who according to his Patreon page, actually has a Tesla tattoo. The channel and Patreon page offers “Deep dives on the numbers and technology behind Tesla, side-by-side comparisons showing factory progress around the globe, and a weekly roundup of all the most important news.”

The channel started in October of 2020, now has 123 videos at the time of this writing with about 6,730 subscribers. In a recent video, posted May 4, 2020, Brian pegged Giga Texas as being 57% Done. The drone footage in this video is provided by one of four local drone pilots, more on that below.

Youtube Channel: Patreon Page:

The Quad Squad

Besides the construction crews and other groups or companies involved in the construction of the Gigafactory, there are four local drone pilots who were given permission by Elon Musk to fly drones over the site. This was mainly done for safety and flight notification purposes, so that everybody along with the commercial crews flying their own drones, can all stay safe and be aware of each other. Together the four local pilots are the “Quad Squad” Each of them has a Youtube page, all linked below:

Jeff Roberts

Daily Gigafactory cinematic flyover videos, in 4K!

Here’s a YouTuber who lives in Austin and passes by the Tesla gigafactory almost every day, as it is in between his home and his place of work. He’s been uploading videos almost every day since day one. 

Youtube Channel: Patreon Page:

Joe Tegtmeyer

Another YouTuber who’s been there since Day 1, Joe Tegtmeyer also posts flyover videos, but with additional commetary and deep dives into whats going on in the site.



Terafactory Texas (Randy)

This channel is by Randy, who apparently captures his videos later in the day than the other pilots. Randy also offers commentary. Updates are consistent and almost every day.

Youtube Channel: Patreon:

Texas Terafactory (Jack)

A little bit less consistent, but still very good footage is Jack’s Texas Terafactory  Youtube channel, also showcasing cinematic 4K flyover videos.

Youtube Channel: Patreon:

Its amazing to see all this content surrounding a development, and its fun to follow too. I doubt it will catch on with other developments, but maybe developers or construction companies can learn from all of this and create their own progress tracking websites or Youtube pages, as theres always partners, investors or other third parties that are interested in following the progress of developments they are involved in.