We’re a group of forward thinking creatives working in CRE who saw a product void in our space and set out to fill it

We’ve been working in commercial real estate since 2015. Over the years we’ve come across a common problem that our clients have as well: There is simply no good, free, map-based resource out there showing details and boundaries of new real estate developments in key markets across the US. We’ve looked and never found one, so we’re building it ourselves.
The Lab at Hotblocks

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Frequently Asked Questions

About HotBlocks

The primary purpose of our maps is to show new commercial real estate developments. We include developments of any size and any property type. Currently we do not display Planned Unit Developments that are predominately single family.

Typically we get our information from primary sources. This includes official websites of the new developments we cover, or sometimes it may be a webpage that is on the developer’s or architect’s website. We also scour agenda and minutes documents and videos of meetings held by Planning and Zoning Commissions, City Council Commissions, and other such government commissions that review new development cases. 

Being based in Texas, naturally we are focused on Texas markets first. In addition to Austin and San Antonio, we plan to cover Houston and Dallas. We are exploring other markets to cover after that but out main focus now are the Texas markets.

We have a entry form you can fill out, but its not required. We know developers are busy and we’d be happy to add the developments for you. Just send us an email at info@hotblocks.io and we’ll be happy to help you with that.

Right now we are focused on building up HotBlocks by adding to our database, rolling out our new features and improving our map as much as possible. We don’t make any revenue now but we do plan on monetizing some time in the future.

Yes, absolutely! See below.


About The Lab at HotBlocks

The Lab at HotBlocks is a team of designers and GIS specialists that created the interactive maps featured on HotBlocks.io. Working in real estate, design or GIS for over 10 years, members of the team have accumulated the experience and insight that led to the HotBlocks project. The team works with commercial real estate clients on various projects and is building the HotBlocks platform on the side.

Our specialty is with commercial real estate developers. We take GIS, visualization and marketing jobs related to commercial real estate developments or commercial real estate development companies. Some of the jobs we do are:

• 3D Renderings
• City Visualizations
• Custom Maps
• Stacking Plans
• Aerial Markup Maps

• Pitch Books
• Debt & Equity Packages
• Investor Presentations
• Websites
• Offering Memorandums


If your development is in the conceptual stage, we can help you with the 3D renderings and visualizations that are often times created to assist developers like you with presenting your development to city commissions, potential investors, partners, tenants. Also in this stage or in later stages, we can help you create a pitch book or other marketing collateral items such as offering memorandums, leasing brochures or even full project websites.